Wiratama Perkasa Engineering is the representative of valves, steam system and control system for boiler, steam lines, heat and process fluid control in palm oil base and general industries. We have experiences for this line of business and we stock full range of boiler electronics, spares, valves, gauges, steam traps, palm oil equipment and much.

Wiratama Perkasa Engineering have supported by our partners like Bont/Bonetti, OKM-Okumura, Rototherm, Mobrey, Kettenwulf,  Bailey, RTK, Leser, Crane-Flowseal, ABCO paints, Sensus, Gestra etc.

Welcome to CV.Wiratama Perkasa Engineering official website. We have supported by our partners like Bont/Bonetti, Flowserve Gestra, Mobrey, Kettenwulf, Bailey, Rototherm, RTK, Leser, OKM, Crane-Flowseal, Sensus etc.Welcome to CV. Wiratama Perkasa Engineering Official Website. We have supported by our partners like Bonetti, Gestra, Mobrey, Bailey, Honeywell, Rototherm, RTK, Leser, Sensus etc.
We provide choices of boiler, steam system, and Palm oil mill equipments, instrumentations, valves & spareparts for the purpose of your company. Below are brands of our products:
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Jl. RS Haji, Komp. Mutiara Residence, ruko No. 60
Medan 20371-North Sumatra, Indonesia
Telp. +62-61 6645918
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E-mail. januarkwan@yahoo.com

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