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Automatic Condensate Pump?

ANGANIC Automatic Condensate Pump
- Pressure Powered -

No Issues on Cavitation! Effective Against High Back Pressure!

The Anganic Series pump uses reliable, internally mounted conductivity probes to control on level. Condensate gravitates into pump body and causes the rise in level. At a preset high level, a signal is sent to actuate the opening of an externally mounted motive gas (steam or compressed air) control valve. The same signal is used to shut another externally mounted exhaust gas control valve. Once level drops to the preset low level, the motive gas control valve will be shut and simultaneously the exhaust gas control valve will be open. This allows the filling process to repeat.


  • Operates on 0.5 to 10 Barg (steam or compressed air)
  • Pump Body Material : Steel
  • Pump Receiver Material : Steel
  • Control Valve : Piston Actuated Type. Threaded Connection BSP PN 16 Rating.
  • Condensate Handling Rate : From 800 to 20 000 kg per hour condensate