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MPA 46/47

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MPA 46/47

Pneumatic Actuated Automatic Intermittend Blowdown valve
Type : MPA 46/47
Rating : PN 40 / PN 63
Material :Forged steel body.Stainless steel internals
Conn. : Flanged end

Automatic, programme-controlled intermittent blowdown of land and marine boilers, in particular boilers operating without constant supervision in accordance with TRD 604(German regulations concerning the operation of steam boilers). For High pressure applications up to 1600 psi.

The valves type MPA are provided with a diaphragm actuator suitable for compressed air or pressurized water and a rapid-closing mechanism. The opening pulse is supplied by the automatic intermittent blowdown control unit type TA (cf. data sheet TA). The valves type PA are manually operated and feature a rapidaction mechanism.

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